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Nigerian woman learning in Germany bags PhD in mathematics despite odds

Nigerian woman, Itunu Grace Akinwande, has become a “celebrity” online after she announced on her LinkedIn page that she bagged PhD in mathematics from Universität Osnabrück in Germany.

A mother of two, Nigerian woman Itunu Grace Akinwande, said it was not an easy journey as she had to balance parenting with schooling. She, however, added that the big support she got from everyone close to her made the whole task bearable. According to her, her supervisor was really helpful.

Itunu Grace Akinwande said at the time she thought she was at her tether’s end and could not move further, God’s strength showed up for her powerfully.

Itunu achieved huge success in school despite being a mom. The Nigerian woman added that though she is not at the place she wants to be, she is now a “doctor mommy” to her children.

Ngozi noted that if it was not for the coronavirus outbreak, she would be walking “across the podium at the Royal Albert Hall London” to get her certificate. The lady said despite the pandemic, she feels delighted to have achieved the academic feat which took her two years of serious work and sleepless nights.