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Nigerian man bites federal police officer in the upper arm

A Nigerian man bit a federal police officer in the upper arm during a power struggle on the main train station. The Nigerian was on the train from Weilheim to Munich with his wife and three children when it happen.

During the ticket inspection of another group, there was a lack of clarity, according to a spokeswoman for the federal police. Thereupon the Nigerian interfered loudly in the control. The train attendant requested the federal police to clarify the situation. said that he man was showing aggressive behaviour towards the ticketing officers and the federal police tried to calm him down before he got out of hand. The man resisted help and his wife had to also come in and try to calm him.

He responded aggressively at her and that’s when the federal police then decided to handcuff him.

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“The man resisted so strongly that he had to be brought to the ground,” said the police report. The Nigerian held on to the stroller so that it fell over with the child in it. However, the child was unharmed. When the officers cuffed the 42-year-old, he bit a 31-year-old police officer in the upper arm. He suffered minor injuries but was still fit for duty.

The federal police took the man to the station at the main station for further clarification of the facts. A breath alcohol test carried out voluntarily gave a value of 1.83 per thousand. The Federal Police secured the video material from the train and the platform and is now evaluating it. The Nigerian is under investigation for assault on law enforcement officers, resistance and dangerous bodily harm.