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Nigeria: Government re-introduces COVID-19 restrictions, shuts bars, limits gatherings, imposes curfew

The Federal Government in Nigeria has reintroduced COVID-19 restrictions across all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The new directive was to take effect by Midnight Tuesday.

It was declared by a member of the presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 Dr Mukhtar Mohammed.

Mass gatherings have now been restricted in public spaces have been restricted to 50 people at any given time.

“We shall maintain restrictions on mass gatherings outside work settings with a maximum number of 50 people in an enclosed space,” he said. “Approved gatherings must be held maintaining physical distancing and other non-pharmaceutical measures.”

Nigeria’s COVID-19 decision on restrictions has also affected access to government institutions where anyone not wearing a mask will be denied entry and also will not be able to attend government meetings and travels which will be confined to a virtual platform.

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Bars and nightclubs should remain closed and the nationwide curfew will be in force until further notice.

He added that only essential international travels would be encouraged, and all existing protocols must be strictly adhered to.

The PSC member, however, stated that there was no limitation to intra-state travel.

Source: ChannelsTV, NCDC