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Meet the two kid sisters vying to become Belgium’s next Top Model Kids

Two beautiful young Kenyan sisters are on track to become Top Models in Belgium.

Lisa and Olivia Van der Werf from Arendonk, have reached the finals of the Top Model Belgium Kids, a beauty contest for children. Lisa is nine years old while Olivia is only five years old.

Olivia and Lisa Van der Werf
Olivia and Lisa Van der Werf

Almost 2000 children aged between and two and 14 years from Belgium, France and Luxembourg enrolled for the Top Model Belgium Kids competition this year.

Currently 150 boys and girls have reached the finals. Lisa and Olivia are the only children of Kenyan descent to reach the finals.

Lisa-and-Olivia1Their mother Hellen is from Kenya while their father Marco is from the Netherlands. The young models are following into the footsteps of their mother who is a model. Hellen is in fact the reigning Miss Africa in Germany.

Hellen Van der Werf
Hellen Van der Werf

Hellen is happy to see her daughters keen on breaking into the modelling industry, and is always available to protect and guide them.

“They are still very young and from experience I know that the modelling world is very tough. As parents, we need to help and guide them,” Hellen says.

Marco is very proud of his wife and children. He admits that each parent considers his own children to be the most beautiful in the world.

He however doesn’t want his daughters to win at all costs. “Winning is not important to us,” he says, adding that the most important thing is for the children to have fun.

Lisa-and-Olivia-and-parentsLisa and Olivia who are enjoying their moment of glory, say that the shows are fantastic.

Lisa, for instance, enjoys wearing her princess dress to walk down the red carpet, on a big stage before so many people who clap for her.

Olivia also likes to be on stage with her beautiful clothes before a cheering crowd.

The finals will be held on 15th October 2017. Lisa and Olivia need your votes in order to win.  You can vote by text message from Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The cost per text message is €1, 50.

How to vote for Lisa:
From Belgium send a text to no. 3565 – TMBKIDS173
From France send a text to no. 81108 – TMBKIDS173
From Luxembourg send a text to no. 64747 – TMBKIDS173


How to vote for Olivia:
From Belgium send text to no. 3565 – TMBKIDS115
From France send a text to no. 81108 – TMBKIDS115
From Luxembourg send a text to no. 64747 – TMBKIDS115