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Africans in Germany: Mbànte celebrates 4th anniversary in Germany with unique culinary event

Mbànte is hosting a unique dinner celebrating its 4th anniversary in Germany

Africans in Germany. Mbànte is hosting a unique dinner celebrating its 4th anniversary in Germany, and its arrival in Cameroon.

The dinner is to take place on 23rd July 2022 at Sheraton Offenbach Hotel in Frankfurt, from 6:30 pm to 7pm. There shall be a champagne reception with Mbànte Foléré Syrup at the entrance, and at 8pm continue with dinner prepared with an African touch.

The night will feature a special performance by Cameroonian musician André-Marie Tala, and live mix entertainment by Dj Frankey.

Guests in attendance are to be dressed in Afro chic.

Mbànte is a culinary project which not only takes health into consideration, but also considers the pleasure of taste buds. Be it with pastries or with complex African delicacies, Mbànte makes it a rule to respond to its customers’ needs.

It’s objective is to promote African culture in general and Cameroonian in particular, through its fine and exquisite products with African flavours. Mbàŋte or Mbànte means delicacies or vitamins, in one of the Cameroonian languages “Ngiemboon.

Here’s how to book your seat for an amazing night of fine dining:
For booking & info:
+49 176 65646773
Website: Mbante

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