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Man attacks Cameroonians at Prenzlau train station

A man attacked and injured some Cameroonians on Saturday night at the Prenzlau train station in Germany. The police had to move to Prenzlauer Bahnhof on that night to try and arrest the man. 

Uchermark Kurier reported that, police chief inspector André Kämmer described, the 23-year-old had left the station shortly after midnight after a train ride from the back and used the pedestrian underpass in the direction of Brüssower Straße, where he was suddenly attacked by a previously unknown male person. The perpetrator hit the victim in the neck, causing him pain.

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The police officers deployed met three other male persons at the scene of the crime who had apparently previously consumed alcohol with the unknown accused striped and monitored by video.

In order to identify the perpetrator, the law enforcement officers were able to secure video recordings from a surveillance camera, which are currently being evaluated.