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“Love Comes to Munich”, a sizzling, romantic and spicy love affair novel published

“Love Comes to Munich” by Diana Mac Omolo is a contemporary literary romance about Luisa, a beautiful, charming and loving girl from Brazil.

Ms Diana Mac Omolo, the author of “Love Comes to Munich”
Ms Diana Mac Omolo, the author of “Love Comes to Munich”

Luisa works as a receptionist at Hotel Palacio, a major luxurious and exquisite tourists’ hotel along one of the world most known beaches – Copacabana.

It is World Cup 2014 and Hotel business is booming. Everyone seems to be in the football fever and Luisa is excited that their hotel is hosting fans from Germany.

After a busy week of checking in guests, Luisa and her friends hook up for a drink on Friday at their favourite bar ‘BAR PEJO’. She is surprised to meet her client in the same bar.

Markus is a handsome, alluring and hard to resist guy from Germany. He can’t stop thinking about Luisa after meeting her at the Hotel Palacio where he is a guest.

Their love chemistry starts when Luisa lands in Markus’ suite which is also her working place.

The love game gets heated when Luisa realises that she can’t resist the kindness, kisses and pleasure the two explore together.

Love-Comes-to-MunichMarkus is all the way from Germany and only in Brazil for the football period. The whole thought of him leaving after the football season makes Luisa partially broken.

Every single passing day is leaving Luisa worried of losing this man who has just reinvigorated her feelings to love again. Their romance sizzles and Luisa finds herself slipping into the Hotel suite quite often.

She ends up being suspended from work after her belongings are found in the Hotel suite. This is heart-breaking and Luisa is in despair.

Thoughts that Markus’ days in Brazil are numbered and her suspension make her heart wrecked. Luisa is torn between romance and worries.

As the World Cup is about to end, something happens that catches Luisa by surprise. Does fate has a match for these two passionate souls? Will this love brewed along the beach of Copacabana during a football season find its home in Munich?

Read “Love Comes to Munich” by Diana Mac Omolo to find out.  This sizzling, romantic, and spicy love affair novel is available as ebook and paperback from Amazon.

Ms Mac Omolo was born in Siaya, Kenya and grew up to love literature and poetry right from her childhood. Her passion for reading and writing was triggered by her grandmother who would tell tales and bedtime stories every evening. She currently lives in Munich, where she also engages in family and social welfare activities that empower women and create awareness on children/youth care issues. Click here to visit her website.