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Kenyans protest in the streets against police brutality and murder

In Kenya protests were held to demand justice for victims of police brutality, Rights groups say the police are responsible for more than 20 deaths associated with curfew enforcement. Residents of Mathare slums, a low income area in Kenya, marched to protest police brutality in the enforcement of a curfew that is part of the effort to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state. It is alleged that 15 deaths have taken place that are linked to the police since the curfew was put in place in late March and investigations are underway by Kenya’s Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA).

The IPOA says they have received 87 complaints about police behaviour since the curfew started March 27. In addition to the killings, the IPOA said complaints accused police of assaults and general harassment. The demonstrations took place in and around the densely populated slum, despite grave warnings that protesters could face jail time for gathering during the pandemic. These protests being held are not necessarily related to George Floyd’s death by the police in the US but there are very many similar occurrences in Kenya that are taken from the same page. Police brutality often goes unpunished in Kenya.

The message that resonates is that it is important to stand against injustices to human life.