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Kenyan woman in Germany Matilda Kikwai dies. Appeal for support to help meet funeral expenses

Kenyans in Germany. It is with shattered hearts that we share the devastating news of Kenyan woman living in Germany, Matilda Kikwai’s untimely passing in Stuttgart, Germany and appeal for funds to cater towards funeral expenses.

Matilda (32) was a member of Expats Nurses Germany group and she always studied with the group online on Saturday. She was also a great help to other nursing students and was regarded as a brilliant young lady full of dreams and life.

Matilda helped terminally ill people and would’ve written her final exam week but was found in the nurse’s hostel.

What was her cause of death?

Matilda was found dead in Schwerternwohnheim in Stuttgart and she was a Kenyan student nurse.

The police reported that they had arrested a 39-year-old who is said to have known her and is now a suspect. The man was already known to the police, but had no criminal record. The police have not yet provided any further information on the background and a possible motive of the suspect.

Autopsy confirms suspicion of violent crime

After the autopsy of the body, the suspicion of a violent crime was confirmed. The investigation led the officials to track down the 39-year-old and he was arrested and is now in custody.

The police have yet to release any information about the exact time of the crime.

The police knew about the death of Matilda from a tip from residents and then chose to open the apartment where they investigated the scene and had the assumption that it might be a homicide.

Police call on witnesses

The police are looking for witnesses to the crime. They could call 0711-8990 5778.


Everyone who can help with funeral expenses is encouraged to and it does remain understandable that not everyone is in a position to donate, but any contribution, no matter how humble, will help Matilda’s family bear the burden of these costs and bring her home to rest with her ancestors.

The larger community of Africans in Germany and especially Kenyans are calling on any well wishers to contribute.

Find Matilda Kikwai’s Go Fund me HERE to donate. So far €5,098 has been raised but the goal is to attain €10,000.