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Kenyan rugby star Welland Mugani is making waves in Germany

Kenyan rugby start in Germany, Welland Mugani 29, is making great moves in Germany with his skills.

Mugani joined a German team named the Allgaeu Rugby team nicknamed “The Mad Cows” which plays in the 30-team regional league in Bayern. He plays as a utility back, a position he had to change to in order to earn a slot in the team.

He started training with the junior team before earning a call-up to play his first match or the senior team on April 15th in 2018.

“When I came to Allgaeu, I realised that they already had many good wingers and this made it difficult for me to earn a spot in the team. The coaches advised me to try the utility back position and I nailed it, thus earning my position in the team,” said Mugani to Kenyan Newspaper The Star.

With his skills Mugani managed to inspire the team to their first-ever regional finals in the year which made him earn the ‘2018 Newcomer of The Year Award.’

The story as to how he came to Germany is a interesting as he first got into the country in 2016 to visit his aunt and while at it, used the one month period to look for a team he could play for.

He then went back in 2017 and started playing touch rugby with the locals in the neighbourhood before a friend recommended him to go and try out with Allgaeu.

Welland Mugani added that his teammates have welcomed him into their club but the only thing he considers a barrier is the language barrier.

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His teammates have been picking him from home, driving over 40 kilometres from Oberjoch, a village in the municipality of Bad Hindelang in the German city of Oberallgaeu to Bayern City, where they train.

Welland began his rugby career in high school where his cousin convinced him to join the Dagoretti High School team while he was in 2nd form, because he was fast.

“My cousin was the one who convinced me to play rugby. He knew I could run very fast, which would be an asset in my game. He used to train me whenever he came back home for holiday,” said Mugani.

The Kenyan played for Mombasa Sports Club rugby team between 2009 and 2016, when he left for Germany.

He was also voted the ‘Face of Kenya in Germany 2018’, an award that recognises talented Kenyans doing amazing things in Germany.

Welland Mugani is currently in his third year doing his apprenticeship at the Oberjoch Familux Resort, where he resides and hopes to major in Hotel Management.

He has been involved in charity events that aim to raise money to fund youth initiatives in Kenya.

“When I won the Face of Kenya in Germany award in 2018, I channeled the over 1,000 euros raised to support Talanta Youth Football Club. I’m glad that the team has grown to start a female club for young girls in my hometown of Bunyala in Busia County,” concluded Mugani.


2007 – Dagoreti High School

2008 – 2016 Mombasa Sports Club Rugby team

2012 – Kenyatta University Rugby team

2014 – Technical University of Mombasa touch beach rugby team

2018 to Present: Algaeu Rugby Team (Germany)

Source: The Star Newspaper