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Interview with Austin Emanuel – artist, entrepreneur and owner of a dance school in Germany

The Tanzania-born Austin Emanuel is one of the few Africans in Germany to own a dance school.

In this exclusive interview with Philly Makora Yambo, the host of The Tales of Yambo, Emanuel shares his artistic journey, challenges and motivation to those who are also trying to achieve something in Germany.

As a child, his mother would take him to weddings and other functions to perform the famous Michael Jackson trademark moves. Emanuel gives Philly Makora Yambo a tour of the dance school and explains what courses can be taken and how one can register.

Austin Emanuel takes Philly Makora Yambo on a tour of his dance school Tanzschule Weiss

Emanuel came to Germany with his family from Tanzania when he was only five years old. As a passionate HipHop and Salsa dancer, it was no surprise that after his high school, he wanted to train as a dance teacher.

In 2008 he began his training at the Tanzschule Weiss in Offenbach am Main, which he later bought in 2016 together with his girlfriend and business partner Larissa Bertsch. He completed the specialized training as a children’s dance instructor ADTV and further training in Salsa, HipHop and Discofox.

Austin Emanuel is a passionate dancer and dance teacher

Emanuel is not only a passionate dancer and dance teacher. He has never lost his connection to his home in Tanzania. To support young dancers and musicians back home, he started another career as a rapper in 2015 and has already released several Afropop singles.

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In addition to his work as a dance instructor, choreographer and musician, Emanuel models every now and then and works with various brands. He has also worked as a background dancer for live shows and in videos for stars like Don Omar.

Emanuel’s advice to others is: “Always believe in yourself, never lose sight of your vision, never give up!”

Awards and nominations

In recent years, Emanuel has been able to establish himself through awards and nominations with his rap and dance skills as well as his style.

  • 2017: nomination as “Best Style Artist Africa” of the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.
    in Uganda
  • 2017: Awarded as HipHop North German Champion of the StreetDanceFactory in Wesel.
  • 2006: Audience Award with Marcirecords of the Newcomer Contest in Hanau

Austin Emanuel’s contacts

Tanzschule Weiss
Christian-Pleß-Straße 11-13, 63069 Offenbach am Main

Austin Emanuel’s Music: (YouTube Channel)

Austin Emanuel’s Instagram: