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How Kenyans abroad can re-register their SIM cards to avoid disconnection

Kenyans abroad have been urged to re-register their SIM cards or risk disconnection by mobile service provider Safaricom. Here’s how to register your Safaricom and Airtel sim card:

How Kenyans abroad can re-register their Safaricom/Airtel SIM cards to avoid disconnection.

The mobile service provider stated that it had been dealing with cases of SIM swaps, fraudulent registrations, identity theft and MPESA fraud for years. Some of the most common forms of such crimes have been targeted at Safaricom customers.

The Communication Authority stipulated that the re-registration has to be done by April 15th, 2022, or the numbers will risk disconnection.

How to register Safaricom sim card:

Send an email to advantage with these details.

Attach a scanned image of the passport page with:

How to register Airtel sim card:

If you are in Kenya, Safaricom customers will be required to visit Safaricom Shops, Dealers, or Agents with the following;

  • Identification Document used during Registration (Original)
  • Customer’s signature
  • The Customer will have their photo captured at the point of registration for added security.

How The Registration System Works

  • If a National ID number is used to register a new SIM card, you will receive an SMS notification from service number 707 asking for consent.
  • You will then be prompted to accept or cancel the registration.
  • In case you responds with ‘no’, the new line will not be registered and the matter will be escalated automatically to Safaricom fraud team for investigation.
  • Registration will only be completed if you approves the alert.
  • The new service applies to customers registering a second or more lines with Safaricom. If it is a first line the service will not launch.
  • Once a customer tries to register a new line, the system will check for the most active number on the network or M-PESA that is registered under the same ID number and send a notification to this number for consent.