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Liberian Afro- German Alphonso Davies, and his girlfriend Jordyn Huitema, face harsh racist comments on Instagram picture

Liberian Afro-German Davies Alphonso lately received harsh racist comments after his long-term girlfriend of three years posted a photo on Instagram that rallied in racist remarks.

His girlfriend, Jordyn Huitema, a 19 year old professional footballer at Paris Saint-Germain posted terrifying hate comments on Instagram that were sent to her based on a vacation photo with Davies.

We wrote about Alphonso Davies and his girlfriend making videos on Tiktok and generating fame for each other here>>>.

These are some of the messages she posted on her story:

“Your ancestors hate you for throwing away 1,000 years of pure, white genes.”

“You will end up as a single mother of a disgusting combination-skin baby.”

“You are literally with a monkey.”

“Who f *** an animal and also goes public with it?”

“Mixing the races will ruin your child’s identity.”

Bayern boss Hainer is also shocked, he fights for Davies: “Our club stands for cosmopolitanism. We founded the ‘Red Against Racism’ initiative some time ago, which we practice very actively throughout the club in all sports and areas. Exclusion, discrimination, hatred and violence in every form have no place in our world. “

Davies’ Bayern team-mate Jerome Boateng condemned the abuse, posting: ‘I’m totally disgusted’ and the couple, who are both Canadian, have now deactivated the comment setting on their latest post.