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Germany to lift travel ban for 29 EU countries on June 15th

German Foreign minister Heiko Maas has confirmed that Germany will remove a travel ban on EU member states and this should also affect other countries, from June 15th.  The easing of travel restrictions applies to passport-free Schengen-area countries as well as the UK and while travel is current being debated it is still advised that warning be given to travel safe and that the lifting of the travel ban is not an invitation to travel necessarily, unless urgent need arises.

 “Travel guidelines are not necessarily an invitation to travel,” he said. “For example, we do not recommend non-essential travel to the UK while they have a 14-day quarantine period in place.” “We must not let this lull us into a false sense of security,” he wrote on Twitter. “COVID-19 is not over. We have to work together to make sure that reopening of tourism does not lead to a second wave, either here in Germany or elsewhere.”

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The foreign minister also confirmed there will be no further repatriation initiative this summer, after Germany chartered flights to return thousands of Germans to their home country from around the world during the spring. Maas confirmed that travel outside of the specified countries is not yet permitted, and Germany will wait for the EU to make a decision on this.