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Germany: Police in Munich issue warning of drinks poisoned in stores!

An unknown offender poisoned drinks in supermarkets with a dose lethal enough to cause death. Police in Munich, Germany, have issued a warning to the population and initiated a mass murder trial. Anyone who chooses to buy drinks directly in Munich is warned to be careful as there is a very great risk of the actual loss of life, as they issued a press release on the matter.

It was reported that two supermarkets in the west of Munich found drinks that are deadly toxic. The police carried out further investigations into the murder attempt and also sought out witnesses. Three people who consumed the poisoned drinks complained of dizziness, nausea and air circulation problems after consuming a small amount of the drink. Victims affirmed that just after one sip does one feel the strong chemical taste and smell. Two women aged 34 and 42 required urgent hospitalisation due to poisoning. The condition of the third victim, a 48 year old man, is less severe.

A fourth bottle contaminated with toxic agent was also found in one of the supermarkets, thankfully no one had drunks it. The police have issues a call for the thorough checking of the bottles before consuming the drink. Particular attention should be paid to the appearance of the cap and the integrity of the sealing rings under it. A bottle contaminated with poison will have a strong bitter chemical smell. To date, the toxic substance has only been found in non-alcohol beverage in bottles, if a poisoned drink is found, do not throw it away but immediately call the police emergency number or the telephone number of the police station that is investigating into the case: 089/2910-0