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Stage set for Multicultural Summer Dance Music and Food Festival in Bremen, Germany

Germany: A Multicultural Summer Dance Music and Food Festival to be held on 28th August 2021 in Bremen, Germany will feature artistes from different countries.

The event will take place at Lichthauswiese, Hermann-Prüser-str. 4, 28237 Bremen, from 13:00 to 22:00. The maiden Summer Dance festival will feature all kinds of music including Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeat and plenty of mouth-watering dishes.

The line-up of DJs and artistes who will entertain guests at the festival includes MLB, Laminator, Bai Babu, Gosso Di Thunder, Dro Kylah, Hard Breaka, King Kenni, Michael Bachle, Abraham, Risin High, DJ Family, DJ Sasman, and DJ Game Time.

Michael Bachle

Laminator, one of the organisers of the event told The AfroNews that the event aims to promote intercultural exchange among different nationalities in Bremen.


In Germany, The Summer Dance Music and Food Festival in Bremen will be a platform to showcase talents, entertain the audience and promote positivity in the community, said Laminator. The Gambian artiste stressed that the event will not be a Gambian but an international one, featuring DJs and artistes from different cultural backgrounds. “Summer Dance will be focused not only on music but also on creating space for the kids to play around,” Laminator said.

Gosso Di Thunder

He added that in the future, the Summer Dance Festival will invite big artistes from around the world once it will be possible and easy for people to travel internationally and host big events.


“We plan to organise Summer Dance Festival in Bremen annually by bringing together different nationalities across the globe to celebrate with us different cultures and music and we also commend the sponsors for their tremendous support in making it possible,” he said.

DJ King Kenni
Hard Breaka

AfroNews is proud to be a media partner of this important multicultural event.

By Bakary Ceesay