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Germany: Fight breaks up in asylum seekers hostel, man attacked with hair straightener injured. Nigerian and Cameroonian nationals involved

Fight in asylum seekers hostel Germany
Police had to come int to intervene after a fight broke out in an asylum seekers hostel.

A fight broke out in an asylum seekers hostel in Kisslegg, Germany. According to the police, there was a Nigerian and Cameroonian national who were involved and one of the parties got injured.

The Cameroonian 25, and the Nigerian, 33, were the ones involved in the fight in the asylum seekers hostel in Germany. The Cameroonian threw stones at the Nigerian and attacked him with a cake straightener. According to the police, the Nigerian tried to stab the Cameroonian with intention to kill but he was able to escape the attack.

The Cameroonian sustained sever facial injuries and the Nigerian suffered a bite wound on his arm. Afterwards, the 25-year-old wounded the 33-year-old’s face with part of a ballpoint pen.

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The police were able to arrest the Cameroonian immediately after the crime. He made no resistance. Since then, the man has been in a psychiatric hospital.

Source: All-in-de

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