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German model reveals the joy of marrying a Nigerian rapper

Some people claim that it is very difficult to be happy in an interracial marriage. If you are one of them, you’ll change your mind the very moment you’ll meet Daniela Koloch, a German model married to Jesty B Peter, a Nigerian rapper.


In an interview with, Daniela says Jesty B has brought so much joy to her life. “I have found my happiness, I now have the greatest and kindest man in the world,” she says with pride.

Daniela is happy to finally have the man she had been looking for.

Dani-Duni-Robe2Revealing that she never had an African man before, Daniela is deeply touched by way “they treat women with respect.”

A mother of three, Daniela had to work very hard to get back in shape especially after her last pregnancy when she weighed almost 100 kilos.

Dani-Duni-Robe6Asked what she did exactly to regain her original shape, Daniela says she observed a prescribed diet and did a lot of physical exercises. She is now proudly comfortable in her body.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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