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Fashion Designer Nicholas Dex challenges Africans in diaspora to change image of Africa

Changing the image of Africa has been a goal for fashion designer Nicholas Dex.

Renowned British-Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur and motivational speaker Nicholas Amfo-Gyamera AKA Nicholas Dex is giving Africans abroad the challenge to change the narrative around Africa and reconnect back to their roots.

This is so that Africans living abroad can embrace a different perspective of Africa and have a new sense of respect for the continent.

Dex is the CEO of ODF clothing and he said he had not visited his home town, Ghana, in over 25 years. He was overwhelmed when he discovered Ghana had so much to offer in terms of  opportunities and great talents.

Changing the African Narrative with Nicholas Dex. (picture courtesy of ODF Facebook page)

He was in Ghana for the ‘Year of Return’.

The Year of Return is an initiative of the government of Ghana that is intended to encourage Africans in the diaspora to come back to Africa (specifically Ghana) to settle and invest in the continent.

It was launched as a program to unite Africans in the diaspora.

In an interview with Nicholas via Ghana Web, he said, “It’s important for us Ghanaians and all Africans in general to know our history, and the value of how rich the culture is, so collectively we need to envision the motherland with the ideology of expansion, the power to re-create and grow things further.”

“The beautiful thing about Africa is that it’s a continent of uniqueness. It’s important for the community to collaborate in order to enforce positive change in a new light. It’s evident to see that a lot of great adjustments have occurred in Ghana, as well as Africa in general due to progress in collaborative works,” he said.

Nicholas affirmed that he is happy to be Ghanaian and African and that his happiness stems from finding his path back to the motherland where it is therapeutic. He added that the journey was a reflective root back to his purpose, identity and heritage.

“The development of opportunities, economic growth, and the investment within lifestyle-technology in Africa is overwhelming, as a creative myself it brings hope for greater things to come.

Nicholas pointed out that Africa has more to offer and the narrative of war, famine, and starvation that haunt international media should end.