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Meet Dr. Wilfried Adoni, a Germany-based Ivorian Tech guru and a master at drone mechanics

Meet Dr. Wilfried Adoni, a Germany based Ivorian Tech guru and a master at drone mechanics.

Africans in Germany. Meet Dr. Wilfried Hamilton Adoni, an amazing Ivorian based in Germany doing astonishing things in the tech world and also a person to know when it comes to all things drones and their technology. had the utmost pleasure to talk to the amazing scientist that is Dr. Adoni about who he is, where he is from, what he does and the future of more professional Africans in tech and other related fields, and how he stumbled into the science of what he does.

Dr. Adoni is a constant reminder that Africans all over the world are filling in spaces they once could not, maybe due to lack of access and opportunities, and thriving at whatever they put their mind to.

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Dr. Wilfried Adoni, I’m from Ivory Coast. I have a Ph.D in computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I was Associate Professor in Morocco and Lecturer in many African universities.

What do you do?

Currently, I’m doing scientific research working on autonomous multi-drone systems between the Centre of Advanced Systems Understanding at Gortliz & The Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology.

Why did you pursue this career choice, and did it lead to you coming to Germany?

I chose Germany for its advantages in terms of employ-ability, opportunities and support for scientists, especially since it is a country that invests heavily in scientific research. Germany was a place I was sure I could continue pursuing what I love doing and be in a space I can grow and expand my knowledge given the country’s resources from human to machine.

What challenges do you face in your line of work as an African in Germany?

On a professional level, the integration went smoothly. I would say that the main challenge is to adapt to the technological progress because every day there are new things to learn and embrace.

How would you describe what you do to someone who isn’t in your field? and what motivated you to pursue a career in the sciences?

By nature, I am a fan of science. Before coming to Germany, I was already leading scientific projects on smart villages, smart agriculture, artificial intelligence, etc.

To simply describe my work, I have the challenge to program intelligent drones that will perform complex missions. These drones communicate with each other to make decisions without the intervention of a human operator.

Dr. Wilfried Hamilton Adoni working on a drone at his work place.

Many Africans in Germany are encouraged to integrate into Germany society, what has the experience been for you?

I don’t have much social experience because I am still new in Germany. But, I find them welcoming, respectful. I encourage my brothers to look at the positive side and avoid victimising isolated cases. Learning German or English will also give them more opportunities.

What do you love best about what you do and how do you hope to have an impact on the world?

Unlike the theoretical aspect of scientific work, mine is more practical. There is a lot of challenges because the drone technology is recent and we keep discovering and learning new things.
The impact of this work can be heard in several fields of activity. Notably agriculture, health, surveillance, mapping and also in the military field.

It will be of great use in Africa for the monitoring of agricultural production, mineral exploration, delivery services in remote or landlocked areas and many others.

How has being in DE influenced your life and what do you now do differently?

Here in DE, I am better organised. I manage to find a balance between my professional and social life. I am self-organised for the realisation of my professional missions.
Something that was not possible before I came here.

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