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German MP Karamba Diaby shares the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 Germany: Karamba Diaby urged people in Germany to get the third vaccination booster shot in order to curb coronavirus infection. He said he already received the full vaccination dose and was waiting for his booster shot.

German-Senegalese Dr Karamba Diaby advocated for people to receive booster vaccination shots in Germany to curb new infections.

The Senegalese-German MP posted this on his Facebook page, ‘I’ve been vaccinated twice and currently waiting for the booster shot. I have great faith in science and research and in our solidarity.’

Karamba Diaby affirmed that the only way out of the pandemic would be through solidarity and vaccination. He also urged people to get the third booster shot.

‘Only together we can find our way out of the pandemic. Only together we can protect our children, relatives and acquaintances, nurses and doctors in the hospitals and therefore, break the cycle of the waves.’

Germany is on the brink of a 4th wave and despite efforts by the government to urge people to vaccinate, some are still adamant. Authorities and the RKI had proposed setting restrictions that hinder the unvaccinated from public places and boarding public transport means like trains and buses among other places.

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Dr Karamba Diaby added that vaccines are not at a shortage because Germany is a privileged country. This is not the case in some parts of the world.

He concluded by asking all people in Germany to get vaccinated.