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COVID-19: Germany donates PPE to Nigerian Police Force

The Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Abuja has received personal protective equipment financed by the German Government to support the NPF in its fight against COVID-19. The Ambassador to Germany, Helmut Kulktz, handed over the equipment which includes hand sanitizer, disposable overalls, sanitizing spray, KN95 face masks, handheld digital infrared temperature readers and disposable latex hand gloves to Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Umar M. Sanda. According to the statement, the donation was received by the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Abuja.

The donation is part of a joint three-year programmer that aims at strengthening the NPF, with a focus on capacity building in the area of forensic, processes and procedures for criminal investigation, human rights, as well as strengthening cooperation mechanisms. The Nigeria Police Force is one of the key institutions in the fight against COVID-19. The NPF is at the forefront of ensuring that various measures taken by the government are respected and enforced, in line with Nigerian law and international human rights standards, and therefore needs additional protective equipment.

“This is only a modest donation but we hope it will facilitate the NPF s work, and it is also a gesture of solidarity with the policemen and women who are at the frontline, and with the Nigerian people as a whole,” said Ambassador Kulitz.

The German government had started the three year programmer aimed at sponsoring Nigeria with a total volume of € 3M, which started in July 2019. The programmer was executed by Germany’s implementing agency for technical cooperation for public prosecution with the aim to strengthen cooperation between prosecutors and police forces on the one hand, and cooperation between the federal and the state levels on the other hand.

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The programme in Nigeria is part of an initiative of the German Government launched in 2008 which aims to build and strengthen police structures in selected Partner countries in Africa. Currently, the programme supports nine national police institutions (including the Nigeria Police Force) and two regional institutions (African Union and the Secretariat of the G5 Sahel). The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to the promotion of peace and stability, crisis prevention, the management of conflicts, security threats and the promotion of human security in the partner countries.

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