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Social welfare officers not allowed to enter homes of African asylum seekers in Germany

For African asylum seekers in Germany, Social Welfare officers in Chemnitz will not be allowed to enter their homes without prior notice and this also goes for entering with a duplicate key.

The new resolution was made by the city council in Chemnitz, Germany that ruled that the action of entering asylum seekers homes violates the inviolability of the home within the meaning of article 13 of the Basic Law.

This means an end to unannounced visits, checks with a duplicate key etc. by social welfare officers, will not be viable in Chemnitz.

That was decided by the city council on June 2nd at the request of “Die Linke”, “Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen” and “Die Party”.

The future will see employees having to registers at least five days in advance of a visits and they will have to show social reason for carrying out checks or care in the homes of the asylums seekers in Germany.

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Asylum seeker’s hostels often leave a duplicate key to the apartment for social welfare officers leading to random visits that causes a disturbance, stress and often end up in surprising controls that trip over the fundamental rights to privacy.