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AG Career Hub founder Caroline Mwangi opens up opportunities for Kenyans to relocate to Germany & Austria

AG Career Hub founder Caroline Mwangi opens up opportunities for Kenyans to relocate to Germany & Austria.

African news. AG Careers Hub Founder Caroline Mwangi is making moves and opening up opportunities for Kenyan to relocate to Germany and Austria.

Kenyan university, Mount Kenya University (MKU), held a career fair for those seeking opportunities in Germany and Austria during which students, graduates and their parents got information on how to tap into career opportunities in both countries.

Caroline Mwangi was part of the career fair offering people the opportunity to network with the Kenyan community based in Germany.

The academic relationship between Africa and Europe has brought in great opportunities for students, young scientists and professionals to pursue their career through scholarship grants, exchange programmes, collaborations between universities and through self-sponsorship. Every year thousands of students have the opportunity to pursue their studies abroad, work or participate in exchange programmes.

Prof. Simon Gicharu, chairman and founder of MKU, noted that these opportunities are a blessing as they expand the number of jobs available to Kenyan graduates.

Kenyan Institutions of Higher learning are churning out over 100,000 graduates per year and the reality is that all these graduates are not directly absorbed into the job market.

Prof. Gicharu stated that the German labour market is increasingly characterised by a widespread scarcity of qualified labour. The nursing profession is one of the sectors most heavily affected by labour shortages. Different studies predict a shortfall of up to 500,000 nurses in Germany by the year 2030.

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Mount Kenya University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration, Planning and Institutional Advancement . Dr. Peter Kirira posing for a photo with Founder of Kenyan Professionals Network in Germany Career Hub Caroline Mwangi during Career Fair.

Students or graduates interested in these opportunities in Germany and Austria are required to undergo training in the German language to B2 level, which is currently provided at the university.

The students going to Germany will receive further training and guidance on integrating into their new environment before starting on their paid apprenticeships and jobs with young Kenyans pursuing healthcare courses in the country.

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