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Afro-German you-tube couple MOFORs explain best jobs for black people in Germany

Afro German couple Nicki and Cheryl, the MOFORs, discuss what jobs are the best for black people in Germany on you tube.

The couple lead by pointing out that there are no jobs that are specifically for a certain type of people, and that with the proper papers and accreditation, any job is possible to be attained by anyone.

They point out that a lot of black people end up in jobs like nursing because it is easier to find where people are needed more and hence the demand for staff is always high, also the pay is much better than other jobs.

This is one field that attracts a lot of black people as it generally comes with a guarantee and job security nearly all times.

Nicki also adds that people find jobs that can keep them in the country and lead to an extension in their visa, so they also end picking a job they are sure they will get an extension.

Nicki points out that black people have to work and put in double the effort in order to stay at par with the locals, the opportunities are not evenly distributed but also they do not bar black people from attaining them.

The Afro German couple advise that it is better to live in the big cities an this is in order to avoid discrimination, stigma and racism from other people.

Cheryl adds that the experience in the villages is thought to be worse when it comes to discrimination but she points out that a lot of people take a chance and go to village-like places and still ed up having a wholesome experience.

In conclusion, black people are able to make a living in Germany in any place and town as long as they are determined and focus, there are a lot of opportunities that allow them to prosper and do well despite any of the challenges.