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Africans in Germany, Afrobeats & Ndombolo Dance Workshops being hosted in Munich

The Afrobeats & Ndombolo Dance Workshops will be taking place on the 23rd of October from 15:00 – 18:00 UHR in Humboldtstrasse 29, 81543 Munich, Germany.

The event will give attendees an opportunity to learn cool, hip dance steps and two beautiful choreographies while also offering afro-beats. Tickets will be going for € 35.

The organisers of the dance event, La Kossa, offer a dance fitness concept that trains coordination, flexibility, speed and endurance. The concept is based on the Afro-dance culture, it improves body awareness, you feel more liberated and, above all, should have fun.

The event is also available for Kids and offer children’s dance and rhythm training for children.

The 3G rules will apply to our workshops.

You can purchase tickets to attend the Afrobeats & Ndombolo Dance Workshops here: