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African Women in Europe (AWE) to host Face To Face Events in 4 countries in Europe

African Women in Europe (AWE) will host the 2022 Face to Face Events in four different countries in Europe.

African Women in Europe (AWE) plans to host the 2022 ‘Face to Face Event’ in four countries in Europe.

AWE said this was a comeback from the pandemic as the organisation will be resuming its Face to Face events in the European countries where it has many members.

The Face to Face events will take place as follows:

What is African Women In Europe (AWE)?

African Women in Europe (AWE) is an organisation founded by Joy Wanjiru Zenz, a Kenyan Woman in Germany together with other African women. It is meant to empower African women, support upcoming and existing entrepreneurs and positively reflect the image of an African woman.

African Women in Europe has over the years grown to a membership of over 6,000 African women in Europe and globally, over the past 14 years. These are women who support, encourage and inspire each other while investing both in Europe and in Africa in support of Africa’s economic development.

Registration is required on Eventbrite where tickets are also available: Eventbrite

Email AWE at: for more information.

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