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Ukraine news: African students who fled Ukraine facing deadlines for leaving Germany

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African students in Germany who fled Ukraine facing deadlines for leaving Germany.

Africans in Germany. African students in Germany who fled the Ukraine war are facing deadlines for leaving Germany. Ukrainian refugees in Germany can now easily apply for a two-year residency permit, but the fast-track immigration process for Ukrainian nationals is not being offered to all who fled the war.

Many African students in Germany complain they are not receiving the same treatment that Ukrainian nationals are facing. Ukrainian citizens are being fast-tracked through Germany’s immigration system while many third party nationals who fled the war are facing second hand treatment and are often not prioritised for residency permits.

According to DW, most now have just weeks left to apply for permissions to stay in Germany.

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why thousands of African students in Germany are affected:

According to the German Rector’s Conference (HRK) the number of international students without Ukrainian or EU citizenship who are hoping to continue in their studies in Germany after fleeing the war in Ukraine is “in the low thousands”.

Calls are mounting for this group to receive the same treatment as those with Ukrainian passports.

An EU directive stated that Ukrainian citizens who have fled to Germany have until August 31st to apply for a temporary resident permit. The permit was initially for two years which allowed them to work,study and receive social benefits.

The same applies to ‘third country nationals’ who are married to or in a long-term partnership with a Ukrainian citizen; people who were recognised as refugees in Ukraine; or those who cannot safely return to their home countries, in particular people from Syria, Afghanistan or Eritrea.

Most others can only stay in Germany without a visa until the end of August. After that, they will need to apply for a regular residence permit.

Source: DW