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African Mums in Deutschland to host ThriveFest 2022 in Hamburg for women in Germany

African Mums in Deutschland e.V are hosting ThriveFest 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.

African Mums in Deutschland e.V and Generous Duchess Charway are hosting their very first pop up event in Hamburg, Germany – ThriveFest 2022.

ThriveFest 2022 will take place on the 21st of May 2022 from 10:00 – 19:00 CEST at AFROTOPIA culture + innovation Biedermannplatz 19, 22083 Hamburg, Germany.

The event will provide an opportunity for women from across Germany to connect, network, celebrate and enjoy life.

Key organisers, African Mums in Deutschland, promised that ‘it will be one of the most exciting experiences with over 20 stalls selling products and dishes. It will also be an opportunity for women across Germany to connect, network, celebrate and enjoy life.’

Tickets are going for €5 – €7.50 and can be purchased here: AMD Thrivefest.

Official poster of ThriveFest 2022 hosted by African mums in Deutschland.

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There will also be African Food, Clothes, and inspirational Speakers. Here’s the team below:

Kenyan Germany-based fashion designer and entrepreneur Florence Oriwo.

Afronews talked to Kenyan Fashion Designer based in Germany, Florence Oriwo of Oriwo design, about her part in the upcoming event – she is to be one of the motivational speakers at ThriveFest 2022.

Oriwo will be talking about her journey as a self employed business woman in Germany at the event and we got the chance to ask what ‘ThriveFest’ means to her.

“‘THRIVE FEST’ to me means to celebrate an individual’s or group’s progress or journey towards achieving a certain goal despite the hurdles that they have undergone or continue to go through in the process,”she said.

Some of the topics she will be covering with those in attendance are; process of staring a business (particularly in Germany), sustaining a business, her personal journey as an entrepreneur, motivation and so much more.

She also shared that entrepreneurship to her means taking advantage of an opportunity to start a businesses, taking the risks of failure in the hope of reaping the rewards of success.

Entrepreneurship in Kenya has made many improvements from the point it was before she moved to Germany and so many young people in Kenya are starting their own business and proving there is no right or wrong way when it comes to earning an income.