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Why Africans in Germany need to attend African Futures 2023

Africans in Germany. The African Futures 2023 will be an amazing opportunity for people from all over and especially Cologne to experience a space for diverse and multi-perspective approaches to African Futures.

The event will be going down from the 30 May– 11 June 2023 and will have an all around programmed covering politics, society,science, economy, art, culture among man things we’ll share below.

African Futures all around offers an extensive program for all citizens which will have over 50 events highlight the complexity, multi-faceted nature, and creativity of modern Africa and its diaspora through lectures, workshops, discussions, and cultural events.

The European Conference on African Studies, ECAS for short, of the University of Cologne, taking place under the title African Futures, is the occasion for a large public program for all citizens throughout Cologne.

The city offers space for diverse and multi-perspective approaches to African Futures: Scholars, artists, intellectuals, activists, musicians, representatives of the African diaspora and other actors present the complexity and creativity of modern Africa. Cologne becomes a stage for science, socio-political and development discussions, theatre, dance, performance, media art, music and literature.

What is the African Futures 2023 about?

African Futures will be about common challenges and future issues that affect our relations and ties with the African continent. These relationships are also shaped by the colonial legacy.

The city of Cologne is committed to actively coming to terms with this (post)colonial legacy and to addressing the question of what this shared history means for living together in Cologne today.

Find more information here including the programme: african-futures
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