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Abike Dabiri: How Nigerians in diaspora can register for National Identity Number (NIN)

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the chairman of the Nigerians In Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), has urged Nigerians abroad to visit the website of the National Identity Management Commission to enable them to register for the National Identity Number (NIN).

How Nigerians in diaspora can register for National Identity Number instructions:

Full details of the agents who are accredited to register Nigerians for NIN can be found on the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) website.

“Nigerians abroad should visit NIMC website for details of their agents accredited to register Nigerians abroad all over the world,” she said.

Recently the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) ordered telecommunications companies in the country to suspend mobile phone SIM cards that are not linked to NIN. The registration of Nigerians in the Diaspora has been one that has been an ongoing practice in commencement, we wrote about it here>>.

The companies were given a duration of two weeks before implementing the suspension on SIM cards whose owners fail to provide NIN.

Licensed Partners for Diaspora Enrolment

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) announced that the following Nigerian companies have been licensed to work with their respective partners across all countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America to carry out the enrolment of Nigerian adults and children in the diaspora into the National Identity Database.

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The NIMC said the above companies have the legal capacity (permits/licences) allowing them to obtain and transmit biometric data in the countries within which they operate, in addition to the licence issued to them by NIMC.

Since the costs for all infrastructure and operations for enrolment activities will be borne by these companies, they will charge some fees for diapsora enrolment.

It is however possible for Nigerians abroad to enrol for free whenever they travel back to Nigeria, provided they have valid passports.

Where, however, their passports have expired, they must obtain their NINs as a prerequisite for renewal of their Nigerian international passports or in order to acquire new passports.