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Meet Mohamed El Boujaddaini, an intercultural trainer and AFRONEWS – Ortel Mobile African Community in Germany Awards 2022 Ambassador

Meet Mohamed El Boujaddaini, AFRONEWS – Ortel Mobile African Community in Germany Awards 2022 Community Ambassador: In a world where intercultural misunderstandings occur quite often, the most effective way of living in harmony is by treating in a respectful manner each person we have a chance of entering into contact with.

Mohamed El Boujaddaini, an intercultural trainer based in Frechen (bei Köln), strongly believes in this and has dedicated his life to teaching people to respect each other.

Mr. El Boujaddaini is one of the AFRONEWS – Ortel Mobile African Community in Germany Awards 2022 Ambassadors. When asked why he considers the Awards an important initiative, he says: “It’s important to increase the visibility of African people in Germany who create wonderful and awesome things in and outside Germany. No one will ask you to taste a piece of the buffet if you don’t take your piece.”

He appeals to all to identify and nominate achievers and role models of African descent in all parts of Germany for the AFRONEWS – Ortel African Community in Germany Awards 2022.

“My way to handle the way people treat each other is through talks and workshops. Your way doesn’t have to be the same. It could be another form of art. Therefore, find your way and go for it to BE A ROLE MODEL for other people and especially the children of today and CEO’s, politicians, cashiers, female and male nurses and all other jobs people dream of tomorrow. Nominate all role models with African roots you already see and know!”

What is interespect training?

Mr El Boujaddaini is the founder of interespect training, a special kind of formation that helps people from different backgrounds overcome misunderstandings. “I know how often there are misunderstandings in everyday life due to cultural or religious differences and I will help you to deal with them properly,” Mr El Boujaddaini says.

Interespect is a word formation consisting of the words intercultural/religious and respect. This respect is the fundamental foundation that is imperative to build a house with doors to intercultural/religious commonalities, differences and other issues.

Interespect training imparts intercultural/religious respect through its various training models, such as coaching, seminars or lectures.

The training is aimed at everyone. Whether you are dealing with people from different cultures – privately or professionally – have moved from abroad and wants to know more about German culture or are going abroad from Germany for a certain period of time or permanently, at Interespect you will surely find the training model tailored to your needs.

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Who is Mohamed El Boujaddaini?

Mr El Boujaddaini was born on 16th October 1987 in the heart of Cologne. Through the influence of his family from Morocco, he internalised both the Arabic and the German cultures.

“This is how I noticed how often intercultural misunderstandings occur in everyday life,” he says. “Specifically, because of this personal background, I am aware of how important it is to communicate and educate people about intercultural differences. If you first open up to other cultures, you will find out how much you have in common and how much you can learn from each other.

In times of many intercultural encounters there are often misunderstandings on both sides. These misunderstandings are often unintentional and create a bad mood. The only way to counteract this is through enlightenment.”

Through his studies in business psychology and master’s thesis on “Expatriates from the Arab Gulf States” as well as his training as a trainer with certificate at the IHK Düsseldorf, Mr El Boujaddaini has acquired the skills to convey intercultural understanding.

“My concept “interespect-Training” is to convey intercultural respect and to clarify it based on the commonalities of the cultures,” he says.

Mr El Boujaddaini has held successful workshops, among others, in the State Association of the Elevated Correctional and Administrative Service in North Rhine-Westphalia’s Correctional System e.V. and in the Qualification Centre of Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Nuremberg.

He is keen on contributing to the creation of intercultural understanding in different organisations and companies in Germany.

The goals you can achieve while undergoing the interespect training entirely depend on you. It doesn’t matter whether it has to do with raising intercultural awareness in a crash course or lecture or the targeted transfer of intercultural competences – it is entirely up to you. The various training models offered by Interespect cover all these areas.

The practical benefit of this unique training lies on dealing with everyday intercultural encounters. Interespect is not about teaching you what to do and what not to do about certain cultures, but about clearing up understanding for certain behaviours and the emergence of recurring misunderstandings on both sides.

“In order to steer this dialogue, I attach great importance to an interactive training in which the personal exchange with the support of some specifically selected exercises is in the foreground,” says Mr El Boujaddaini.

He appeals to all Africans in Germany to be united and support each other. “Together we are strong! No matter what countries outside do to each other, don’t forget, that we are ONE big community in Germany,” Mr El Boujaddaini says, adding that we can our roots in different parts of Africa but we are “united in our diversity.”

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