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New rules for obtaining a UK visa in 2021 announced

Here’s how to get a UK Visa 2021. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government presents a new immigration law which will become effective from January 1st 2021 at the end of the Brexit transition.

“Although, of course, we will regain control of our immigration system – said the British Prime Minister.”

The UK will not simply go to lock the gates and prevent anyone from anywhere from entering the country. Where people can contribute to this country, do great things, there will be a humane and sensitive system.

The new system shall level the playing field allowing citizens from other countries to enter the UK under similar conditions. There will be no EU easy access pass.

Anyone arriving from any other country be it China, the US or African countries will have to observe the same protocols.

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The new system will operate on the basis of a score needed to obtain an entry visa. It will be necessary to obtain 70 points, 50 of which must result from a job offer (therefore it will no longer be possible to land in London in search of a job), from a level of education equal to at least the high school diploma and the ability to speak English . 

The other points can be given by the salary, which must be at least 25,600 pounds a year, currently equal to 28,500 euros (although there will be a 30 percent discount for those under 26), or by a PhD or by work in areas where there is a shortage of staff. 

However, highly skilled workers, such as pilots or engineers, will have to prove that they have an even higher salary, even of 60 thousand pounds (70 thousand euros).

Some advantages will be awarded to health workers and social workers as they have been paramount in subduing the great effects of the coronavirus pandemic and hence will be awarded a preferential lane.

Important advice for UK visa applicants and temporary residents

 Just as “global talents”, that is, scientists, academics, artists, musicians, will be able to enter even without a job offer. 

Facilitations for students: they will be able to continue coming and will have the right to stay up to two years after graduation, in order to have time to find a job. For tourists, the authorized period of stay is instead of only six months.

London hs always been the ultimate destination for young Italians who go there to work in bars and clubs and restaurants and this kind of leeway will no longer be afforded.

This type of unqualified immigration will have to cease entirely to make room for skilled workers instead.

This is in effort to also encourage a healthy domestic workforce instead of relying on man power from abroad.

This will also make it easier to facilitate brain drain in other countries by only allowing the best and the most skilled into the country.

Source: Boris Johnson