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Kenyan UK-based model Rehema Muthamia crowned Miss England 2021 – from surviving an abusive relationship to an inspiration to women world over

Kenyan UK-based model Rehema Muthamia (25) was crowned Miss England 2021 on Friday in Coventry. Rehema went on to say that the reason she was more motivated to join the competition was because she had been a victim of an abusive relationship and now wanted to inspire other women.

The Kenyan born star received a shimmering crown and a £2,000 cash gift accompanied with a host of other goodies; luggage and a glamour mirror, photo-shoots,  a wardrobe of evening and occasion wear and a personalised website.

The new Miss England 2021 had also won her first ever Miss All African Colours contest. (read more below)

Rehema Muthamia being crowned the winner.

Rehema Muthamia can speak four languages and revealed that the event had her family in Kenya proud of her pageant achievement. She will now represent England at the 70th Miss World in Puerto Rico later this year. (read more below)

Miss England 2021 Kenyan Model Rehema Muthamia.

How did Kenyan model Rehema Muthamia Miss England 2021 get to the UK?

Muthamia spent a greater part of her childhood in Kenya before moving to England and studying at the University of Sussex wrote the Daily Mail. She is passionate about science and studied genetics.

Going into her reason for motivation, the Kenyan revealed why she felt stronger as a woman: ‘I would have to say that the most difficult experience that I’ve had in life is having gone through an abusive relationship and it’s not something that people speak about often.’

‘Knowing that I was able to come through that experience, learn more about myself and my worth, who I am as a woman and be able to now use this platform in Miss England to help other women is amazing’.

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Miss England 2021 Kenyan Model Rehema Muthamia and Mr England 2021 28-year-old Liam Royce from Banbury.

Source: Daily Mail.