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Wife to Sierra Leone Footballer kneels holding his legs – prays for his success at Afcon 2021 games

The wife of a top footballer from Sierra Leone held her husband’s legs kneeling before him to pray for him to have success at the Afcon 2021.

Sierra Leone Footballer Musah Tombo’s wife kneels in prayer for his success.

The footballer, Musah Tombo, was being prayed for by his wife, Hawa Tombo, on her knees before his team travelled to Cameroon for Afcon 2021.

Hawa was spotted shedding tears while praying for her husband. She fell on her knees in a moment overcome by emotion holding on to her husband’s legs and prayed for him to succeed in his games during the match.

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People who were at the scene were touched with Hawa’s action towards her husband and they were clapping for the woman before her husband departed.

The Lone Stars are in Group E and will face Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast for a place to the knockout stages.

UPDATE – Sierra Leone footballer’s wife kneels: Musah Tombo

The Sierra Leone star Musah Tombo scored a goal during the match against Ivory Coast on Sunday 16th Jan that ended in a draw. His wife, Hawa Kamara, who had kissed his feet right before the start of the AFCON cup was seen celebrating in Freetown!

We have the video here: