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Nigerians ‘blame’ Buhari for Super Eagles bad luck in Afcon 2022 games after they were sent home

Nigeria out of Afcon 2022: Nigerians took to Facebook to blame President Buhari for the loss of the Nigerian team to Tunisia which had the Super Eagles sent home during the Afcon 2022.

Nigeria out of Afcon 2022 as Nigerians online blame Buhari for stroke of bad luck.

Buhari posted that he had had a video call with the team the morning of their game to thank and encourage them and to express he was proud of their exploits in the ongoing Africa Cup 2022 in Cameroon and soon the team was sent home in a 1-0 loss against Tunisia.

He told the team: ‘You’ve been doing Nigeria proud. you’ve been winning. Please keep winning. The Federal Government is supporting you, and I say thank you to all the technical crew and players. Please keep doing the country proud.’

What did Nigerians have to say about the post? Here are some comments:

One follower commented that the call Buhari made was was similar led to the defeat of Nigerian heavy-weight champion Anthony Joshua. He commented, ‘Bia Buhari, leave these boys alone before what happen to Anthony Joshua after his encounter with you will happen to them. This your call is bad luck.’

‘Whoever initiated this move and all that encouraged/effected it are enemy of the state. Why allow such unfortunate incident that may lead to those guys failing? This is not a joking issue and shouldn’t be allowed at all.’

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‘My prayers is that he wouldn’t transfer his failure to these people, almighty God where is your face?’

‘Anyone who dream of success must stay away from Buhari.’

‘May we not loose today because of this video call iseeeeee’

‘No video call in the last three games and they won, I hope this your video call won’t bring bad luck. Football is the only thing that makes us happy in a country where hardship of the citizens gives the leaders joy and insecurity gives them opportunity to loot. I hope you won’t take our happiness away with this video call.’

‘it has happened.. the man is an epitome of badluck.’