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Ghanaian-German footballer Aaron Opoku opens up about racist incident that made him abandon game in Germany

Africans in Sports. African footballers. Ghanaian-German footballer Aaron Opoku finally opened up about the racist incident in Germany that took place in December last year 2021.

Aaron Opoku was racially abused during a third-division game in Germany by fans that led to the game later being abandoned. The game was halted in the 33rd minute when a racist comments from the stands was directed at the Osnabruck winger.

The away side were furious and walked off the pitch in protest, the first time ever a game was abandoned due to racial abuse in Germany, and although the culprit was identified and thrown out of the ground, the player is still disturbed by the incident.

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The footballer said during a conversation with “The Athletes Room” podcast that he has always ‘swallowed’ the racist comments but he had got to the point that he wondered why he should stomach such comments.

He urged that something needs to happen for the world to finally wake up and if nothing shall be done then the world shall continue to go on as it is.

According to a police report, on December 19, 2021, a spectator shouted “You monkey can’t shoot a corner either” towards the field with the probe later revealing that the comment was directed towards Osnabruck defender Florian Kleinhansl.

Those around perceived this is a racist insult against Aaron Opoku who was standing next to Kleinhansl, and the game was abandoned 45 minutes after the incident occurred.

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Opoku further revealed that the incident left him in bad shape the day after even though he received words of encouragement from other players who had also undergone such.

“I lay in bed all day and didn’t do anything. My phone was on airplane mode. I was only available to my parents. I didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone,” wrote quoting the footballer who spent last season on loan at Osnabruck from Hamburg.