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Germany, Young man rams into family off the highway in crash accident

A young driver (19) driving a mini is under investigation for ramming into a family while on the highway resulting in a fatal accident.

The young driver was driving at a speed of 270km/h while his co-driver (18) filmed the entire trip including the accident that happened to them.

The Mini crashed into a family’s Renault on Sunday evening on the A1 near Euskirchen. “As a result of the impact, both vehicles threw over the lane and hit the guardrails,” said the police. The novice driver’s Mini also collided with the truck that the father of the family (54) had overtaken in the Renault.

Teaser picture
The Mini crashed into the Renault, in which a couple was sitting with their two sons (13). Photo courtesy of Bild.

Rescue workers brought the man, his wife and their two thirteen year old sons, and the young men driving while recording, to hospital.

The family of four faced severe injures while the young drivers left the hospital after brief treatment.

Police had to confiscate the young driver’s car and his license. They are investigating the suspicion of a so-called illegal individual race and also seized the passenger’s mobile phone.

Source: Bild