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Workers in Germany: who is entitled to a double energy bonus?

Workers in Germany: who is entitled to a double energy bonus?

Work in Germany. Who is entitled to the double energy bonus. The federal government’s plans provided for a one-off payment of the energy bonus. But now about 3 million workers can count on as much as two salaries.

In September 2022, the energy bonus of 300 euros will be transferred to the accounts of most employees in Germany.  With the flat-rate energy rate, the federal government wants to provide financial support to all employees in Germany. The 300 euro bonus is a one-off subsidy which the employer will pay in most cases in September along with the salary. the bonus is taxable and will be automatically paid. Some employees will be paid twice, as some will not receive the bonus.

When should a double energy bonus be paid?

In exceptional cases, however, EPP may be paid twice. The double payment is then corrected by the tax office. Such a situation may be experienced by people who are employed by several employers, but also work as freelancers or run a company.

Who is entitled to the energy bonus?

Original plans by the federal government included a one-off payment of the bonus, but about 3 million people can now count on as much as two payment. All thanks to the introduction of the 3rd discount package in Germany. Retirees and students had previously been excluded from the EPP, but are now included in the new package.

As Minister Christian Lindner explained in one of the interviews, people employed on the so-called MiniJob are entitled to receive an energy bonus of 300 euros gross in September, and then they will receive 200 euros from the new aid package.

According to unofficial information, it is not yet known when and how the 200 euro bonus will be paid to students, this may take place in early 2023.

On the other hand, pensioners will receive help this year. The promised 300 euro gross is to be transferred to their accounts on December 1, 2022. The German pension insurance scheme will pay for the aid.

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