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Why you require a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer boss, Albert Bourla, says that a third vaccination dose of the COVID-19 vaccine might probably be necessary for those who received the vaccination. We explain why:

He expects that corona vaccinations will have to be refreshed with the vaccine jointly developed byBiontech and Pfizer. Bourla told CNBC news that a third immunisation is expected to be required within 12 months.

He also added that the COVID-19 vaccine should be a yearly activity that is refreshed.

It is anticipated that despite the current condition with the virus, a normal life will be possible again in Autumn. He likened COVID to a kind of flu where vaccination is possible.

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The Biontech Pfizer vaccine is 97 percent effective and also helps against the particularly contagious and known virus variants that lead to serious disease courses. Should there be new mutations, these could be quickly combated with further developments of the mRNA vaccine.