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Why one dose of the Johnson and Johnson covid-19 vaccine is enough

It is not all that unusual for some vaccines to only be administered once, like the flu vaccines. Here’s why one dose of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is enough.

Infectologist Prof. Marylyn Addo from the Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) explains how the flu-like vaccine works. It was detected that the Johnson and Johnson covid-19 vaccine showed that just one dose already led to a large number of certain antibodies in the blood.

Marylyn Addo said that the developers of this vaccine noticed in early studies that just one dose leads to a high antibody titre.

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An efficacy study was conducted, the Phase 3 studies and according to this principle – one dose of the vaccine and observed a very high level of effectiveness and protection against sever cases of up to 85 percent.

It is not unusual for some vaccines to be administered once and others more than once. The flu vaccine is an example of a vaccine that is issued once while the hepatitis vaccine is issued thrice.

Source: dpa