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When can I travel after receiving my corona vaccination certificate

The EU states want to allow travelling in between borders possible again and hence have launched a common digital corona vaccination certificate dubbed the ‘Green Certificate’.

What is the ‘green certificate’?

The green certificate is a digital documents that citizens of the EU can use in the future to prove that they have either received a full vaccinations against COVID-19 or have recovered from an infection or tested negative for the virus.

The name and date of birth of the owner are also included. This data should be able to be retrieved in a forgery-proof manner via a QR code.

Should a person not have a phone then they should be able to print out a copy of their QR code on paper.

The “green certificate” is not intended to replace the well-known yellow vaccination certificate, but only to be an additional document. The information is available in the national language and in English.

When is the project supposed to take off?

Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders reported that the project has been propose for the 17th of March 2021 and the 27 member states have agree on a common line.

According to EU planning, the digital vaccination certificates should be ready for use in all member states by the end of June.

A digital vaccination pass is already being planned in Germany, which will ultimately comply with the EU rules for the “green certificate”. The Federal Ministry has commissioned a consortium made up of IBM, Ubirch, govdigital and Bechtle to develop the national platform. We wrote about it <<here>>.

How do you attain Digital proof of the Corona Digital Vaccination certificate?

The issuance is the responsibility of the national authorities. In Germany, for example, this could be hospitals, test centres or health authorities, we wrote about it HERE . After the vaccination, the data can be read in directly.

The Digital Vaccination certificates are meant to pave way for more freedoms in Germany followed by a lifting of restrictions. This action will aid in travel without need to quarantine.

Does the vaccine I receive matter?

The validity of the pass does not depend on the vaccine one received but if the pass has been approved by the European Union.

these are Biontech, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

Only those who travel to Hungary, for example, and are vaccinated there with the previously unapproved Russian vaccine Sputnik, are still considered un-vaccinated for the time being.

Source: Merkur