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What you should know about the Digital Corona Vaccination certificate

Anyone in Germany who has been vaccinated twice or has recovered from COVID-19 should face eased restrictions by the weekend. A digital vaccination certificate/pass however will be required to prove who has already been immunised. Here’s what you need to know about the Digital Corona Vaccination certificate:

How will I show proof of vaccination?

Proof of vaccination will be shown digitally on smartphones. Those who don’t have a smart phone will be able to obtain a printout of the digitally readable vaccination certificate as a QR code on paper. The name and date of the birth of the owner are also included.

Where will the Digital Corona Vaccination certificate be issued?

Doctor’s clinics, vaccination centres, pharmacies should also be able to issue digital vaccination certificates which are due in the summer.

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Who will be given priority?

The health minister also confirmed that the prioritisation of vaccination according to age and occupation could be lifted by June, but warned that this did not mean that everyone can then be vaccinated immediately in June.

Source: DW, Sueddeutsche