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Weather in Germany: Rain, snow and some sun

The weather in Germany for the coming weeks is bound to be more comfortable and have some sun, but before this there’s going to be some rain and snow and short violent storms.

Temperatures today night are to drop to minus 7 degrees in the south, especially on the coasts the temperatures should stay around freezing point at minus 1 to minus 5 degrees.

Showers of rain, snow and short storms are expected across the country as the weather in Germany adapts some changes. Only in the south-west of Germany will the sun come out from time to time. It will be a little warmer, but temperatures will be below 10 ° C everywhere. Hottest in Hamburg will be around 8 ° C. Temperatures of around 7 ° C are expected in Berlin and Düsseldorf. It will be coldest in Munich – around 3 ° C.

There should be sleet, snow and sleet showers from today to Wednesday while heavy gusts of wind are to be expected in the peaks of the low mountain ranges.

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Sunny in the Upper Rhine Lowlands

It will be sunny in the south-west on Thursday. According to forecasts by weather forecasters, the sun will shine for up to 10 hours in the Upper Rhine Lowlands. However, it will still rain in the rest of the country. In the south-west it will be warm, even 10 degrees warmer compared to Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, where temperatures will be as low as 7 ° Celsius.

Warm and dry end of the week

Friday is to be the warmest and driest day of the week this week. According to weather forecasters, little rainfall can occur only in Schleswig-Holstein. In Berlin and Cologne, temperatures will be around 12 ° C, and in Hamburg around 10 ° C. 

It will be very sunny in the Upper Rhine Lowlands and the temperatures will be around 18 degrees. However, it will not be summer weather, as it will get colder again from Saturday. It’s showers again on Sunday.

Source: T-online