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Weather alert in Germany: Weather forecasters warn of huge downpours

Weather alert in Germany: “The storms coming over to Germany could be the worst this year. Weather forecasters warn that between 50 and 80 litres of rain per square metre may fall within a few hours, reported

German weather experts say they have not yet encountered such an intensity of storm cells in their forecasting models. In some parts of the country, apart from enormous downpours, hail can also fall. Heavy lightning can cause flooding and flooding of homes.

  • Masses of extremely hot and humid air begin to collide with the cold XERO atmospheric front approaching from the west
  • Weather algorithms indicate impending storms may be the most violent this year
  • Main threats: thunderstorms, heavy rains causing flooding, and hurricane
  • The inhabitants of the southern regions of Germany will have to face the dangerous weather first, then the western regions, and then the eastern federal states
  • The high risk status will not start to decrease until the middle of the week

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Downpour, hail and strong winds

The first violent storms are expected Monday (28/06) afternoon and evening in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Some places can experience 50-80 litres of rain per square metre can fall but the storms will also bring hail.

Temperatures are expect to drop sharply. During the day it is expected to be above 33 degrees Celsius but due to the downpour, they will drop to about 20 degrees.

On Tuesday (June 29) and Wednesday (June 30), storms are foretasted throughout the country. Heavy rains, hail and strong winds are still to be expected.

Forest fires- the highest warning level in several Länder

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) warns of a very high risk of forest fires in Brandenburg, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Monday and Tuesday.

A tragic balance of storms to date in Germany.

The storms that hit Germany last week caused enormous material losses.