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Weather alert Germany: More violent storms, low temperatures and heavy rains

Weather alert in Germany: Germany has been experiencing the worst weather this year with violent storms and floods sweeping away people, leading to death and destruction. But the foul weather is not over yet.

South and West Germany should continue to have storms approaching which can bring down rain, hailstorms and heavy gusts of wind. These are presumed to become more violent and result in floods.

Munich and Bavaria are bound to have massive storms and very low temperatures adding to the foul weather.

Weather alert in Germany: 2nd Level Warning reached

Heavy rainfall in Munich has already led to the flooding in the Isar. predicted that new storms will threaten the area from Thursday to Friday and should hit from the afternoon with a 2nd Level warning.

It is bound to be cloudy on Saturday with temperatures of 22 degrees but it will remain calm.Sunday however, brings good news, and the new month of August, with autumn coming to the country.

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August is expected to bring a temperature drop with hot weather predicts Wetteronline. This means that at least 14 degrees should be experienced.

The current forecasts show continuous rain and at night the temperature should drop even further – to just 11 degrees. You will not be able to avoid turning on the heating in your home.

Source: Wetteronline,