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“We are going to die here in Lebanon, we want to go home” – Kenyans stuck in Lebanon storm the consulate protesting against mistreatment

Kenyans stuck in Lebanon are demanding they be allowed to come back home. Many of the Kenyans are claiming that the consulate is ignoring them and choosing to cast them aside despite the fact they are suffering.

They are reaching out to Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene so they can make a safe return home.

In  a video that has gone viral, a group of Kenyans stuck in Lebanon are filmed crying out for help saying that they are homeless and unable to get any work hence they cannot afford tickets back home.

Some for the tickets cost between $400-500 and this is money they are unable to attain even under normal work conditions.

They are lacking in food and water and staying in cramped apartments due to the situation at hand. This is especially risky given the current pandemic.

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Kenyan women have been asked to offer sexual services to make up money for air fare to travel home as the amount being asked for is too high.

Many women and men are unemployed and the blast in Beirut has made it harder for them to stay in the country.

“We’d rather suffer at home with our people than be here in a foreign land. Some of us have never called our parents and loved ones. They do not know where we are or where we stay.”

In a video posted by the Standard Digital, it showed women from Kenyan living in Lebanon being kept out of the consulate while they demanded to go home.

There are Kenyans who are being mistreated and want to go home.

Multiple women told CNN in an expose that they were exploited, verbally abused or physically assaulted by Kenya’s Honorary Consul in Lebanon, Sayed Chalouhi, and his assistant, Kassem Jaber, both Lebanese nationals.

Source: Citizen TV, Standard Digital