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VIDEO: Meet a refugee in Germany who spends time in limbo volunteering

This DW video story is about Emdadullah Mohamand, a refugee in Germany who fled from the Taliban in Afghanistan five years ago.


The young man says the Taliban were trying to recruit him. Emdadullah spent nine months on the road as an unaccompanied minor without papers. By the time he arrived in Germany he didn’t know German. Apart from learning the language, he also had to learn how to read and write.

Now as he waits for his case to be processed in Germany, he spends his time volunteering with a relief organization.

Emdadullah works as an emergency worker at the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) in South West Germany.

In 2015 the THW began offering training to refugees. At the moment they have 30 new arrivals mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Once Emdadullah completes his training, he’ll be able to help other refugees. It is still unknown whether or not he’ll be allowed to stay in Germany.

Emdadullah says he worried about his family. Since he came to Germany he has never heard from them and he is not even sure if they are still alive.

His dream is to work as a mechanic one day fixing cars. He is desperately holding on to that dream. Emdadullah wants to stay in Germany and be a part of life here.

Let’s hope he’ll be allowed to remain here and fulfil his dream.


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