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Vaccination in Germany: In Hamburg, you can get vaccinated without making an appointment

Vaccinations in Germany: Hamburg wants to significantly accelerate the vaccination rate. From today, residents can come to the Central Vaccination Centre without prior reservation.

The times when there were no vaccinations and an appointment had to be made well in advance are gone for good. According to Sunday information, the Central Vaccination Centre in Hamburg is able to take care of those who come to vaccination without registration.

First doses by August 10

The vaccination center in the exhibition halls will be open until the end of August – during this time tens of thousands of people will be able to receive their vaccinations there. The first dose will be available by August 10; after that, only the second doses will be distributed in the center. Offer is valid for Hamburg residents aged 16 and over. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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Vaccinations in Germany: Hamburg lags behind

According to the Robert Koch Institute, only 46 percent of Hamburg’s population has so far been fully vaccinated. This is one of the worst values ​​compared to the whole country. Only in Saxony is the number of vaccinated people even lower.

On Saturday, the Social Affairs Office made it possible for the residents of Hamburg to vaccinate themselves in market halls for the second time without an appointment. According to the doctor Dirk Heinrich, 1,849 people took advantage of the open offer.