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Tragedy strikes Germany as death toll rises with more than 1,000 dead in the last 24 hours

Death toll in Germany: The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic hit Germany much harder than the first. Germany today returns to more than a thousand coronavirus-related deaths in 24 hours, while there are 21,237 new cases of contagion, for a total of 1,808,647 infections since the beginning of the epidemic.

The victims of the rising death toll in Germany are 1,019 in the last 24 hours, the total being 36,537 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in Germany, RKI announced on Wednesday.

The 7-day incidence that spurred on the identification of the death toll in Germany was 127.3 on Wednesday morning. After Angela Merkel’s meeting with Länder leaders on Corona restrictions, the target value of 50 is still a long way off. We talked about what was inclusive of the meeting here>>.

The differences between the federal states remain large. Saxony had the highest death toll in germany with incidences on Tuesday, with 262.1, and Thuringia, with 244.6. Bremen had the lowest value, with 73.7.

According to the RKI report on Tuesday, the seven-day R value nationwide was 0.81 (Monday: 0.85). This means that 100 people theoretically infected infect another 81 people.

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An interpretation of coronavirus numbers remains difficult because, according to RKI, coronavirus cases were discovered, recorded and transmitted late around Christmas and early in the year.

Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed, on Tuesday evening, at the press conference, that a clear situation of the data could be established only from January 17th.

Source: Ziarul romanesc